Double Trouble as Mini Morse joins brother Zane in Toyota 86 Racing Series

The cat is out of the bag and it is confirmed that younger brother of Zane Morse will compete in the Toyota 86 Series, in an identical Brema Group Racing design. 18- year old Alec Morse will be donning number #57 and will run out of the same garage as his older brother, although they will both be competing separately for the end prize. 

Alec Morse has previously competed in National Karting competitions, also alongside his older brother; where his best effort was winning the state title at Dubbo NSW in 2016. In that same year, Alec also competed in the Australian world title team over in Italy.

Young Morse is looking forward to stepping into a tin top car and admits there will most certainly be some sibling rivalry. 

“I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Toyota 86 ahead of this weekend at Phillip Island,” admits 18-year old, Morse. 

“Watching my brother compete last year in the Series made me super hungry to also want to jump in and have a go and I can’t wait to give it a crack. 

“Obviously I’ll be pushing hard and I’ll be super competitive against my brother, but at the same time; we are running under the same banner so my focus will also be gaining results and doing the best I can for Brema Group and all of our sponsors.

“A big thanks to my parents for making this happen, but also to Brema Group and Mark Siracusa– without all the help and support from these guys; it wouldn’t be possible.

“I’ll certainly be looking to work with Zane and get some tips from him, given this will be my first year competing in this Series.” 

Father of the two young racers, Andre Morse admits having two boys was always going to be busy; however, having them both race against each other in a competitive and televised sport takes it to another level. 

“I certainly didn’t plan on having both the boys race this year,” laughed father, Andre Morse.

“However, we were going to sell Zane’s 2018 car and Alec was quick to turn around and say that he’d be racing too. I couldn’t say no to one and yes to the other, so it was kind of out of my hands and well, here we are! 

“Watching the two boys race against each other in the Karting days was always interesting; the sibling rivalry was bad! They used to take each other out and I’d often have on-lookers come up and ask how I put up with them both. The banter in our household at the moment is out of control and they haven’t even hit the track yet, so it will certainly be interesting to watch the competitiveness out on track. 

“Take away all the competitiveness and banter though, I am truly looking forward to it and it is certainly a proud moment for me.” 

The Morse brothers will hit the track for Round 1 of the Toyota 86 Racing Series at Phillip Island, 12 – 14 April; as a support category to the V8 Supercars. 

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